• Advertiser – are those who pay for their advertisement ( ads ) to appear on other sites, who buy advertising space.
    • Publisher – are those that sell advertising space on their site.
    • Standard member – is equivalent with free member.
    • Upgrade – see Premium member.
    • Surf Ads – area gain, see Earnings Area.
    • View Ads – see Earnings Area.
    • Manage Ads – is a place where you can manage your ads.
    • Earnings Area – is the place where you will can find the ads, area gain.
    • Paid To Click ( PTC ) – you get paid to click on ads.
    • Paid To Read ( PTR ) – very similar to PTC.
    • Paid To Sign Up ( PTSU ) – you get paid to join in various programs.
    • Paid To Promote ( PTP ) – you get paid to promote some sites.
    • Referral – person recommended by you at enrollment in a program, from which you will earn a percentage of they earnings, usualy between 10% – 100%.
    • Direct Referral – are represented by those who sign up under you, giving click on your referral link.
    • Rented Referral – are those referrals rented for a limited time.
    • Referral Bot – is that referral which has a automatic activity.
    • Referral Level – referral system is represented on several levels.
    • Referral Link – represents that unique link used by potential your direct referrals.
    • Recycling Referral – recycling action of rented referral.
    • Scam – fraudulent deal.
    • Spam – is action to send unsolicited bulk messages
    • Seller of Dreams – a person who promises much (sell only dreams), and nothing else, scammer.
    • Phishing – is attempting to acquire information ( and sometimes, indirectly, money ) such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.
    • Cashout – action to withdraw money.
    • Traffic Exchange 1:1 / 2:1 – ex: for 10 sites visited, you will receive 10 or 5 visits for your site website or blog.
    • Pyramid schemes – a non-sustainable business illegal in many countries
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