These Terms of Service apply to you as visitor or advertiser at www.btc-ptc.online

    1: If you submit to any type of advertising option and your program will be not paying to members, we have the right to disable your advertising.

    2: All purchased items are non-refundable as the items are instantly delivered upon purchase. www.btc-ptc.online Team will record all orders invoices, as well as all transaction IDs and the IPs of all our clients. In case of need to proof the instant delivery of our items, we keep all documents in a good condition. The mybestwebsit.com Terms of Service are visible within every page of the site too, You also agreed to these terms upon using our services.

    3: We have the right to update our advertising system without any notify.

    4: We have the right to refuse any ad and refund your money.

    5: Every Customer have the right to change his Ad/Site/LInk once a Day/24 hours, Make sure you understood that you can Advertise every Affilaite Programm on every Section. The are no more Legit Section!

    6: Do not submit the following: Any site intended to defraud or mislead, illegal material or content, adult content, malware, cloud mining investments, ponzi and/or hyip schemes, oil/gas investments, nsfw (not safe for work) content, copyright infringing sites (torrents/warez), url shorteners, frame breakers, executable downloads, browser based miners, randomized links, anonymous shops or any other questionable content.

    7: We are not here to Proof the Links we get from our Buyers on every small thing. You need to be sure, that when you Copy and Paste the Referral-Link you are giving us, everything is available and nothing is missing. We have no debt for us given the wrong Ref-Link and there is no right to compensation! MEANS BE SURE YOU GIVE US THE RIGHT REFERRAL LINK! We dont Accept E-Mail generating List Links!

    8: Every Builder Customer get Unlimited changed and Unlimited Site/Spot Ads to give our Customers the safety that they can have a cheap Site that is updated when needed

    9: Every requested change or requested Spot Add for your Builder you need to go on the Builders Page and fil out the Form bellow.

    10: BITCOIN PAYMENTS: Only via request -> [email protected], Write us which Spot section and how many Days you would like to Advertise and we will send your our Bitcoin Address and the Amount to send in no time.

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